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Lumbo Pelvic Drop


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  • Size: 51 x 31 x 9 cm
  • Weight: 4 kgs
  • Drop height of 14 mm
  • Straight drop with adjustable tension
  • Cocking levers on both sides
  • Adjustable tension control on one side
  • Tapers to height of 4.4 cm at hinged end


  • The Lumbo-Pelvic Drop is ideal for pelvic, lumbar, thoracic and extremity adjustment
  • With a quick and crisp drop, it tapers toward the interior end for patient comfort
  • The PVC stabilization base distributes the weight and adjusting forces over a broad area when used on a cushioned surface



Warranty of 1 year is given on the product purchased from the company for material defects only. This warranty is applicable from the date of purchase of the product written on the invoice.


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